Along our career we have found real challenges. In DEVELLNOU, thank to our experience and infrastructure, we will offer structural reinforcement solutions.

Palma – Cathedral neighbourhood

Date of execution: 2006

Abstract: Structural rehabilitation of a dwelling building

Type of construction: Replacement of roof and floor slabs, temporary bracing members on ground floor garage.
Constructued area: 800m2

Workers trained in safety, analysis for each work of the potential risks. Development of a prevention plan. Liability insurance to third parties.

Works: Steel beams structure, recuperation of wooden and concrete beams, placement of sandwich panels, restoring mortar application, metal reinforcement, trowel finish. Sanitation installation.

Palma – Compte Sallent ave.

Date of execution: 2008

Abstract: Structural reinforcement on pillars and floor slabs on ground floor.

Type of construction: Structural reinforcement

Constructed area: 320m2

Review of the rehabilitation, process definition, planification of the intervention, control of the construction projects.

Works: Placement of metal angle iron and plates, restoring concrete application, antioxidants paintings, masonry of concrete blocks.